Season passes are the most cost-effective way to see the shows. You’ll enjoy savings of 35.7% off the regular ticket prices (33.3% off discounted senior citizen tickets.) With a 7-show pass, it’s like getting 7 shows for less than the cost of 5. Season Passes go on sale on June 25.

Purchase Season Passes


1. Decide if you want to see 4, 5, 6 or 7 shows. To do that, look at the show schedule. The number of shows determines the show pass you want.

2. Then decide how many people. That determines how many passes you’ll want. For example, if you and your husband want to see five shows, then you will opt for two of the 5-show passes. Purchase the passes by clicking HERE (on or after June 25).

3. The money changes hands when you purchase the passes. They are not refundable, and can only be used in the current season.


1. You will purchase your own tickets for each of the 4 or 5 shows when the tickets go on sale, and you’ll use your season passes to pay for them. Just enter the season pass number at the time of checkout.

2. Tickets can be exchanged for a different performance of the same show, as long as there are still tickets available.

3. For the best seats, we recommend purchasing your seats on the first day of tickets sales for a production. Those are:

  • JUL 29 for On Golden Pond
  • SEP 9 for Four Weddings and an Elvis
  • OCT 21 for One Christmas Eve at Evergreen Mall
  • DEC 9 for Two Short Plays
  • JAN 6 for Bad in Bed (A Fairy Tale)
  • FEB 17 for A Red Plaid Shirt
  • MAR 24 for Outside Mullingar


1. You may use your pass to purchase seats exactly as you would with a 4-show or 5-show pass.

2. You also have the nice option to get all your seats before the season begins. To do that, first purchase a 6-show or 7-show pass and order shows and seat locations by clicking HERE (on or after June 25.)

3. We do our best to honor seat requests, and we usually we can, although occasionally it’s not possible.

4. Tickets can be exchanged for a different performance of the same show, as long as there are still tickets available.

5. The last day to purchase a 7-show pass is Monday, August 12. The last day to purchase a 6-show pass is Monday, September 23.


  • Q: How many passes do I purchase for myself and my husband? A: Two, and you should do it on the same purchase so you can select seats together easily.
  • Q: We usually attend with friends. Should we purchase passes together? A: No, passes should only be shared within a household or family unit.
  • Q: How do we sit together with friends who are not in our pass group? A: Order prior to the recommended order date and in your note say “seat with NAME.”
  • Q: My husband and I have two 7-show passes. If we skip a show, can we use those two passes to take 2 people with us to a different show? A: No. Having 2 passes means 2 tickets for any show. We can talk you through ordering the 4 seats you want so you sit together, but the system will make you pay individual show prices for the extra 2 seats.
  • Q: We’re going on vacation. Can our friends use our passes for a show? A: Yes, anyone you choose. Passes are in the name of the purchaser not the user, so if you won’t be with them, please tell them to give your name when checking in at the podium when they arrive at the performance.
  • Q: Can we be refunded if we won’t be able to attend? A: You have 3 options-
    • If you purchased refund protection insurance you can apply to them for a refund.
    • You could sell your tickets to someone else.
    • You could exchange your tickets for a future performance of the same show if available.


  • 7-Show Pass — $133 ($19/show) + $3/seat Facility Fee = $154
  • 6-Show Pass — $126 ($21/show) + $3/seat Facility Fee = $144
  • 5-Show Pass — $115 ($23/show) + $3/seat Facility Fee = $130
  • 4-Show Pass — $100 ($25/show) + $3/seat Facility Fee = $112